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Safe Door System

As everyone knows there is no such thing as to many safety features on a cool room. We offer 2 main features with our rooms. All doors are equipped with electromagnet door locks. These locks will release upon power loss. As an added safety factor we suggest incorporating a high temperature release with magnetic electromagnetic door lock. This would allow the door to open on temperature rise.

Please Note:
Anyone who has purchased, or planning to purchase, a complete cool room, or door lock system should read the following. You must check the operation of the high temperature control on monthly basis. The control will not function correctly if it is overly dirty. Dust created by the cattle must be kept out of the inside of the control. You can control the dust by doing the following on a monthly basis.
  1) Turn power off
  2) Take the cover off of the temperature control
  3) Take a cattle blower and gently blow all dust a debris out of control
  4) Put cover back on control
  5) Turn power on
We have a documented case where the control failed upon temperature rise. We found it was due to the control containing cedar dust. We blew the dust out, and the control performed correctly.

The use of our electromagnetic door locking system in combination with the high temp release has saved the lives of many cattle. These items are installed on every complete cool room at no additional cost. But, we strongly suggest the use of an alarm system to guarantee the safety of your cattle. Our alarm system is very cheap in comparison to the cost of a show calf.


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