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Drop In Package Refrigeration Systems

Our drop in package refrigeration systems are 100% complete and ready to go to work. All units are operated for 24hrs in our test facility prior to shipment. The units were design to save our customers money on field installation cost. These units are designed to work in our rooms, or with pre-existing rooms. We have provided these units for rooms with up to 20 head, and as small as 1. Currently we offer 6 different sizes of units. The only obstacle is the fact that the unit requires 3-4’ of clearance above the room to drop the unit into its location.

Installation of the drop in system is very simple. The units are built to mount through the roof. When the correct size of unit is determined we will give you an opening size. You cut the opening to the desired size. We build a flanged plug to insert into the opening with the unit mounted on it. The evaporator coil is attached to the bottom, and the condensing unit to the top. We can build the plug to match 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, or any thickness of ceiling.

Once the unit is dropped into the opening supply it with 220/1 and the unit is ready. A drain line will need to be run from the bottom of the evaporator to the outside of the room.

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