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Alarm System

We feel very strongly an alarm system is a must with any cool room. There are so many factors that are out of our control that can effect the operation of the cool room. To date we do not know of a single calf being lost where an alarm system is in use.

Our standard Model 1104 alarm requires a phone line. The alarm has a built in phone dialer. The unit is capable of calling up to 4 different number 10 times each to give an alarm. It is the of the only alarm available that can be programmed to receive a code prior to delivering the alarm. For example: If your code was *11 the system will not give the message until it received this code. This code will stop all possibility of the alarm delivering a message to voice mail, or a answering machine. Another great feature of the alarm is the fact you can call the alarm anytime night, or day, and it will give you the temperature of the room.

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